KAIROS | Edition 1, Volume 1

KAIROS | Edition 1, Volume 1
June 12, 2013

First ebook edition of Kairos is now available for free download. For better viewing please read the technical note found on the contents page of the ebook.

Please visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kairos.Asia

We are now accepting submissions for the next editions of Kairos. Kindly send your submissions to info@kairos.asia together with your short profile.

Thank you and Happy Independence Day to the Republic of the Philippines!

Technical note on viewing:

For Windows users, this e-magazine (PDF) usually opens using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
In so doing, please be aware that Kairos has a cover page and many photos are spread over two continuous pages.
Hence, for best viewing, kindly set your view to full and try customizing your page display as follows:

Page Display > (Check) Two Up Continuous, Show Gaps Between Pages, Show Cover Page During Two Up

Mac OS users enjoy the privilege of having a Preview program installed that automatically sets display as recommended

Option link 1: Download
Option link 2: Download


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